Offering hope to people living with disadvantage and distress.

HopeStreet is an innovative non-profit organisation, based in Woolloomooloo, committed to putting faith into action by providing compassionate care to marginalised inner-city residents. Many of HopeStreet’s community members are homeless, dealing with addiction, mental health, physical health and legal issues in addition to having diminished employment opportunities.

HopeStreet supports people of all ages; through our programmes we empower people to confront complex issues and to explore pathways toward education, training and employment. HopeStreet directs help at the street level by building relationships with individuals in need, creating avenues of trust and forming partnerships so that we are a consistent presence and support for whatever journey a person may be on. HopeStreet creates a space for real and lasting change in people who want to live their lives differently and we have developed core programmes to support this work.