Bringing a message of hope and encouragement to those in need.

The History

Youth Alive is a Christian organisation that operates in every state in Australia. The concept for Youth Alive was formed in 1982 at a camp in Victoria. It was birthed out of a genuine concern and passion for reaching young Austrailans with a positive message. This concern was being felt in a similar fashion in every other state, and in June 1986, youth leaders from around the nation met in Melbourne to discuss plans to make an impact on this issue. Out of this meeting Youth Alive was formed with its first national director, Mal Fletcher


Why Do We Exist

Not a week goes by without the media reporting appalling statistics regarding the youth crisis within Australia today. It’s statistics like these that drive the heart of every member of Youth Alive. Our young people are the future of our nation and we believe that this is a future worth living. Therefore, it is our purpose to bring a message of hope and encouragement to those in need, and Charity Mobile - Charities Supported then go beyond this by providing genuine support through local youth groups in helping teenagers realise their potential.


What Do We Do?

Youth Alive focuses on three key areas:

  • Reaching Youth with a Positive Life Message
  • Leadership Training
  • Leadership Networking

This is facilitated through a number of high quality activities founded and run by Youth Alive Leadership events. Held several times a year, these events are an opportunity for local youth leaders to network with one another, and hear from outstanding speakers.


Big Events

Youth Alive Big Events are drug and alcohol free events that take place serveral times during the year. The style of each event may vary dramatically but generally includes exceptional music, dance and drama performances, competitions, multimedia presentations, motivational speaking, give-aways and guest artists. The purpose of these Big Events is to provide an outstanding night out for teenagers and young adults, that promotes positive life choices.