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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Who is Charity Mobile?

    Charity Mobile is a product of Network Communications, and we are one of Australia’s largest Optus approved resellers. Network Communications was founded in 1992 on three key principles – vision, love & faith. Existing to be a sustainable and expandable resource, to see hope restored and lives changed.
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  • How much does it cost?

    When you sign up to a new Optus plan or renew your existing one, it is totally free. There are no extra charges, no catches no hidden fees.
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  • Where can I get it?

    We’ve got a list of Charity Mobile approved Optus Stores that we currently work with. We are trying hard to get it in more locations.
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  • Do I have to choose a certain plan?

    No. The Charity Mobile option is available on any Optus Postpaid Plan. So you can choose any of the latest phones and plans then simply select to have your plan linked with Charity Mobile.
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  • Is this Optus?

    No, we are not Optus. We have an agreement with Optus. Optus provide you the plan and phone. We work with Optus to set up the systems and manage the contracts needed with the charities to get the plans setup up so the funds get delivered to the Charities.
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  • Am I signing up to a different carrier?

    No, you are signing up to the Optus Network. You can choose from any of the postpaid mobile phone options.
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  • How can you afford the 5% when no one else does?

    Simple, we give away from our profits. We believe we are here to help people and see the world changed for good.
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  • So do you make money?

    Yes. We make enough to ensure we are around for the long term. We call it a win win win.
    • Win 1 - YOU.
    You win by still getting great products you need that give back
    • Win 2 - CHARITIES
    The charities win by getting a consistent and reliable income source
    • Win 3 - US
    We win by delivering the first 2 wins. We do this by remaining profitable to protect our employees, systems, growth, and spreading the word for others to join us.
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  • How can I trust the charities?

    Each charity has been rigorously vetted to ensure they fulfill the expectations we all have from charities. The money they’re given goes to the projects and efforts that they say they are doing, and there is long term evidence of this.
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  • Which Charity can I choose?

    You can explore all of the approved charities and what they do on this site.
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