How it Works

The Charity Mobile Plan is unlike anything you’ve probably seen in the mobile phone world. We hope it is the start of a revolution, where business really is for people and not just profit. That is why we call it a plan to make a difference. We want to see the needs in this world addressed and we believe business is a fantastic way we can do this. It not only provides the same goods and services everyone needs everyday, it develops a reliable and sustainable income for hardworking charities to deliver their invaluable and ever needed work in our communities, our nation and the world.


Want the latest Samsung or iPhone on the latest Optus Postpaid plan, AND have it make a difference in the lives of others? Ok!
When we set about making this product, it was clear what we didn’t want. We didn’t want you to have to choose a different or stand alone option. That would be just plain annoying. So we worked with Optus to allow Charity Mobile to be a nice little plus – for FREE.


When you sign up to ANY Optus mobile Postpaid Plan, just tell the sales person in the Optus approved store and all you have to do is tick two boxes.

  • Select the Charity Mobile Plan option
  • Select an approved charity

Honestly, that’s it. That is all it takes to help make a difference to others.



Yes, out of our pocket. No, you don’t ever have to pay any more. As we mentioned, Charity Mobile is free for you. You don’t pay any extra. There are no hidden fees, no surprise bills, no nasty surcharges. Really, we think it’s a no brainer. What we do is donate out of our own pocket 5% of what you spend each month on your mobile plan to the charity you select.


We know it doesn’t sound like much, but when you add it to 1000s of others it soon adds up. So far we’ve been able to give away over $10,000,000 since we started. So if you think a small amount doesn’t go a long way, think again. When we all stand together, expect more from the products we need everyday. We truly can change the world one phone at a time.

The Story of Charity Mobile

Charity Mobile is a product of Network Communications, and we are one of Australia’s largest Optus approved resellers. Network Communications was founded in 1992 on three key principles – vision, love & faith. Existing to be a sustainable and expandable resource, to see hope restored and lives changed.

However, we really didn’t want to create just another charity asking everyday people to give more out of their already generous contributions. Instead we wanted to be able to sustainably and consistently fund charities already on the frontline doing amazing work.

We combined our existing relationship with Optus, and took the mobile phone that was in our hand to create Charity Mobile. Together, we’ve turned a product we all use and need everyday, into a tool for good. A product that doesn’t take more, but gives more.